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Date: 22.11.2010
From: Will Drake

Subject: Product design Final Year project

Hi everyone
I am a product design Student in Bristol. I am doing my final year project/Dissertation on arthritis.
The aim is to develop a product for people such as yourselves with arthritis.
This could be something to help with day to day tasks were you have difficulties, or a product to help you with your exercises. It literally can be anything at the moment. Anything that frustrates or annoys you. The aim of the project is to improve quality of life in some small way. So please can you help me your feed back will Iām sure be invaluable to me.


Will Drake
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Date: 24.11.2010
From: AliBaba

Subject: Re: Product design Final Year project

You might find you get replies if you list the type of help you want! Lucky for you I taught DT so know what you are getting at.

I have trouble opening jars, taking caps of bottles of water and basically anything that is small and fiddly. The other problem is finding really good insoles for my shoes. My feet hurt and most insoles don't provide enough cushioning for me.

Your problem is that there are loads of products already in existence for opening things. You will need to come up with something new and different which is tricky.
You could talk to your local hospital if they have a rheumatology clinic or try the physiotherapy dept - they might be able to help you with suggestions for products.
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