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Date: 19.11.2010
From: Pat

Subject: DLA

I applied for mine 10 weeksago,and having read the posts and speaking to people was really sure I would not get it. I have had 2 letters from them saying they were requesting more info fromGP and Consultant. Yesterday I had letter and have got it!!!! Higher Mobility and middle care. What a huge relief. So hang in there if you are waiting.Im sure everyone here is genuine but for every geuine claim I bet there is a false one. Well Im going to treat myself to some jazzy designer crutches instead of the yukky grey ones.
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Date: 22.11.2010
From: ScaryFeet

Subject: Re: DLA

Hi Pat
I've had RA for 2 years now......
I have been awarded the lower care and no mobility which is annoying me as it was the mobility I wanted the help with more than anything as i don't drive and have to use taxi's and buses to get about one the days I can't walk far. I phoned and asked for a review but they have upheld their decision......

What did you put down to get them to recognise your need? I said I couldn't use a crutch/walking stick because my hands were too sore and that I could only walk 8-10 car lengths before needing to stop and rest.........

I'm really puzzled by the whole thing and thinking I'll have to get a letter from my GP or consultant or something.....

Can you help me at all?
Thanks loads
Lisa x
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Date: 24.11.2010
From: P Nelson

Subject: Re: DLA

Hi Im sorry it does seem quite unfair. Iput that it hurt as soon as I stood up, which it does!I am on crutches but some days cant use them due to pain in my hands. I dont know how you manage with a bus LOL I would not get on the thing.They did write to my Cons And Dr, I suppose they have to check.
Cant you go to a tribunal, I know someone who did that and she got high mobility and care.
Good Luck hope it works out for you.
If people were more honest claiming (I dont mean you!) and you did not hear of the false claims then there would be more money to go round.
Pat x
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