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Date: 23.02.2008
From: Margaret Boyle

Subject: Humira

Hi Everyone, I am new to this site,having had RA some 14years now, I have just been prescribed Humira, the more I read of this drug the less I want to try it. Have tried Enbrel and that didn't help, also take Methotrexate 12.5mg Hydroxychloroquine,folic acid,Arthrotec. Have just had a very bad flare up and would be grateful on any opinion on Humira. Thanks
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Date: 22.03.2008
From: Dee

Subject: Re: Humira

Hi Margaret-
I am on Methotrexate 22.5. I am seeing a slight improvement. It is not working as quick as I would like. I feel we are so limited on what to take. I was on Humira for 1 month, but my insurance company told me that I have to try Methotrexate before I can go on Humira. I have a doctor's appt. next week and he is thinking of doing the combo (metha and Humira). I have heard people have great results. Personally, I do not like any of these drugs and would like an alternative. Not sure what else to do. I have Psoriatic Arthritus for 1 year. I am 50 in a 80 year old body.
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Date: 30.08.2008
From: Lynne Valentine

Subject: Re: Humira

Hi, I've just had my first injection of Humira using the pen, it was much easier than I expected and it didn't hurta bit, so far no side effects.

I'm lucky because my rheumatologist prescribes it for me and I get it on the NHS because I've tried Methotrexate for about ten years now. Even the increased dose to max dose orally of 20mg didn't help a lot. I'm hoping the combination of Humira and Methotrexate brings me some of the benefits I have read others have had.

I don't like pumping all these chemicals into my body, but, if it means I get some quality of life back and relief from just some of the extreme pain I've been in for the last 5-6 years it's well worth it.

love & hugs,
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Date: 01.09.2008
From: Tanya

Subject: Re: Humira

I have been using humira since December.I am still on 20mg of methotrexate per week. Although it has helped considerably with my psoriatic arthritis, unfortunatly the osteo i now have, particularly in the knee i had an open synovectomy on in 1977, is getting worse, and Humira doesn't touch it. Very frustrating. Swollen joints gone, bone aching incredible! You just can't have it all can you?
No ill effects that i can tell from the Humira, although i realise my chances of living to a ripe old age, decrease with every injection! I use the pen, and it stings like hell when you do it, but apart from that no big deal. good luck with it.
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Date: 13.09.2008
From: linda

Subject: Re: Humira

you implied every injection shortens your life . can you explain please as i am taking humira and have been for about 18months
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