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Date: 26.10.2010
From: Marilyn

Subject: Borage seed oil

Hi, I have started on Methotrexate about 10 weeks ago. My dose has been increased to 20mg every Monday (8 tablets) I have just read on the internet about Borage seed oil and its benefits for RA. Does anyone take this and does it improve the inflammation at the moment my worst joints are shoulders and feet. Is it safe to take with your other meds.
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Date: 26.10.2010
From: S

Subject: Re: Borage seed oil

I was advised not to take anything internally. This is because Methotrexate is toxic to the liver and supplements need to be broken down by the liver and so add to the toxicity. I was told no over the counter medicines either.

This is also why you can't drink very much on Mtx. My nurse said you can only use topical treatments, i.e. things you rub into your skin.
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