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Date: 25.10.2010
From: louloubelle

Subject: louloubelle update

hi guys

I thought i'd just let you know how i'm getting on. Had 4th round of chemo for breast cancer on friday and still feeling well. The tumor is shrinking nice and quickly so looking good and should only need 4 more rounds of chemo before lumpectomy and radiotherapy. The chemo looks after the psoriatic arthritis for about 12 days and then hits me really hard (meaning I have abother 9 days before chemo and am unable to take any medication for it). I've been really ill with it and felt kind of flu like! Rheumy can inject the joints with steroids though so I have him on speed dial for when I need them!... he'll be fed up with me before long.

I cannot return to anti-tnf so the oncologist and rheumy are having rather lenghty and, as I understand it, rather heated debates about what medication I can go on so I am having to leave it in their hands.

And Oscar - what a wonderful baby! He is 5 and a half weeks old now and is thriving and making me and his dad so happy.

I hope you guys are all doing well - all this wonderful changeable weather will be making us all miserable no doubt.

Loulou x
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Date: 25.10.2010
From: Rose

Subject: Re: louloubelle update

Hi louloubelle, great to hear from you, been thinking about you and wondering how you been going. Great the chemo is going well for you and the tumour is shrinking - prayers answered - but sorry you been struggling a lot with the pain. Keep annoying your Rheumy.

Hope your consultants can come to an amicable decision in what your treatments in the future can be and not come to a punch up in the office. LOL.

So pleased to hear that baby Oscar is thriving so well and giving you and your husband so much joy. Babies are so beautiful arent they and may you enjoy each milestone with joy. My daughter who I mentioned ages ago is today two weeks overdue with her first baby and is going in for induction in about five hours. Poor sweetheart is so nervous. She is have a little girl and we just cant wait to see her.

Yes the changeable weather is a pain (scuse the pun) but when thinking of you we are inspired. Hope the next 4 rounds of chemo go well for you and you will soon be rid of this horrid tumour for good. Stay positive lovely lady and enjoy your family. take care and look forward to your next update. (((Hugs to you all))) Rose X
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Date: 25.10.2010
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: louloubelle update

Hi Luoloubelle, have been thinking and praying a lot for you lately, so glad to hear chemo is going well. I am so pleased for you. Glad to hear baby Oscar is coming on well. Dont worry about the meds let the doctors sort all that out, you just enjoy your beautiful son. T.C. xx
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