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Date: 25.10.2010
From: Vee

Subject: Sore feet in bed?

I've arthritis in my ankles and toes and find the duvet crushes my feet making them sore. How do I keep it for doing this? I don't want one of those huge hospital blanket cages.... any ideas?
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Date: 26.10.2010
From: ScaryFeet (excuse the pun in this case!!)

Subject: Re: Sore feet in bed?

Good question - I would have thought the cage, if only a smaller one, would be an answer...I have the same problem but I am lucky that both me and hubbie get very hot in bed (no jokes please!!) so we only sleep under a 5-tog quilt, which is very light, and our covers are light too. If its a bit chilly I will put my heated blanket on for a little while before I go to sleep so I don't need extra bedding or, if my feet are very sore I wear some bed socks and go to sleep with my feet out of the I know but, hey who cares!!! I hope this helps a bit.....?xxx
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