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Date: 24.10.2010
From: jack

Subject: ra cure!!!!!

hi all
I woke up one morning and my fingers were curled up they were so painfull i was scared to death.instant ra, what caused it? what is the cure? i had stomach probs for over 30 years mabe that caused it. check leaky gut sindrome,this lets toxins in to the blood system.thats all folks
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Date: 24.10.2010
From: athena

Subject: Re: ra cure!!!!!


ive read quite a lot about RA and it does sometimes seem to come on over night, mine didnt but has developed quite quickly over 4 months.

at this moment in time there is no cure but there are a lot of great meds out there to help control it, are you on any? also the cause of RA isnt clear either but there are some factors,its autoimmune so its a tough one im afraid,ive read genetic, enviroment, infection, could all contribute to it but who knows.

take care this is a good site and im sure others will be along soon to
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