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Date: 17.10.2010
From: Marilyn

Subject: upped my dose of Methotrexate

Hi all, I went to the hospital on Wednesday and the nurse has told me that I should increase my dose of Methotrexate to 20mg every Monday and to still keep taking the salozopyrin but try not to take the meloxicam and lansoprozole. Has any one else been told this. Does the meloxicam not mix with the methotrexate. I have a flare at the moment and my feet and wrists are really hurting. She suggested that I take paracetamol but try to leave the meloxicam out. All I get told is there is no cure for RA (I think we all ready know this) I would just love some energy back again.
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Date: 17.10.2010
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: upped my dose of Methotrexate

Hi Marilyn, sorry I dont know anything about meloxicam or salozopyrin, but I do know that lansoprazole is to protect your stomach from all the meds.I dont think I would stop that without checking with the nurse again. Sorry I wasnt much help, hope you feel a bit better soon.Take Care.
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