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Date: 16.10.2010
From: cleocat

Subject: overdoing exercise

i stayed at my daughters 6 wks ago as she wasnt well i was doing a lot of going up and down stairs for 2 wks as i have arthritis in both knees i have been in terrible pain since icant walk very well i have had injections but this made them worse i would like to know if any one out there as suffered similiar and how long this bad episode will last
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Date: 17.10.2010
From: Sally

Subject: Re: overdoing exercise

hi Cleocat
I've got a similar problem with one of my knees at the moment. If the injections have made them worse can you not go back to the doctor and get them looked at as that does not sound right?
My flares last until they give me a depo injection, usually. Hope you feel better soon.
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Date: 17.10.2010
From: L..B

Subject: Re: overdoing exercise

Hi Cleocat, I agree with sally it doesnt sound right, I usually start to get relieve from the pain a few days after an injection.. I agree with sally go back and see your doctor
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