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Date: 16.01.2008
From: Kristina

Subject: Big toe fusion

Hi can anyone give me any positive info regarding a big toe fusion I turned down op as I had a few sufferers tell me too many horror stories regarding after the op, infections etc
I have OA in both big toe joints can hardly put feet on floor. I know of 2 people who actually had to have toes off after unsuccesful ops
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Date: 19.11.2008
From: Susan Anstee

Subject: Re: Big toe fusion

Hi Kristina,

I too have OA in my right big toe knuckle - and I've also heard the horror stories! What I have found though is a concoction of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM (whatever that is) improves my condition to the point where I can go dancing for three hours at a time and can walk more or less without limping. (I can't wear high heels though). I take 2000 mgs a day of a pre-mixed capsule. I'd recommend it to anyone. You can get it at health shops but it's much cheaper to buy on-line.
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Date: 24.11.2008
From: debbiedoo

Subject: Re: Big toe fusion

Hi I had my right big toefused 2 years ago!! granted i am not in as much pain as i was but i am still "aware" of the toe being stiff-the OA has spred to the small knuckle under the toenail now so i am waiting an apt with my specialist!! the op itself was straighforward no infections just a clean straight cut!! ifyou are in agony i would say Go FOR IT!!! no 2 people are the same and i had heard horror stories too!! but at the end of the day its your pain???? i would have not bothered had i known that the oa would just move joint lol but will wait & see what can be done about that one lol

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