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Date: 31.07.2010
From: kazzie

Subject: what do blood tests mean

hi i have to go hospital every two weeks as am on mex and dont really understand what all the tests mean and what is normal i know my inflamtion marker but what is classed as high has anyone else got this book
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Date: 31.07.2010
From: Jill

Subject: Re: what do blood tests mean

anything over 30 is classed as high. means inflamation is very active....ive been as high as 97....if its that high, u will know about it...others shld be able to help u better than me tc J
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Date: 02.08.2010
From: Angela

Subject: Re: what do blood tests mean

Hi Kazzie,
Normal ESR should be 0-10 this in an inflammation marker
CRP should be 0-5 this is also an inflammation marker which does not fluctuate as much as the ESR
HB should be around 12.5 this is a marker which shows up anemia if it goes lower.
AlT should be 10-50 this indicates a change in the liver function.
I have always had a high ESR and CRP even after taking mtx for the last year, at its worst ESR was 103 and CRP was 86. Now the usual readings are ESR around 40 and CRP around 7-11, but I feel fine,and the rhummy says not to worry as i dont drink, smoke, i watch my diet, and have got no high blood pressure or high cholesterol anymore. Having a mixture of those things with high inflammation would put me at high risk of other problems.
Hope this helps
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