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Date: 20.07.2010
From: Kirstine

Subject: First mtx injection

Well yesterday i took my very first mtx injection!!! I wasnt at all squemish about it untill i was just about to put it into my skin and i went all soft about it hahaha! The nurse kindly guided my hand and to my supprise i couldnt feel the needle go in at all. The only pain i got was a sting from the mtx about 3 min after id done it, but even that was less painful than vaccinations ect. Im just very proud of myself and felt the need to share :)
How has everyone been? Ive been having flare after flare so im getting down at the moment x
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Date: 20.07.2010
From: Rose

Subject: Re: First mtx injection

Congratulations Kirstine on doing your first injection. I know exactly how you feel- just when you go to put the needle in the skin you go all wobbly - i did. It gets better each time you have to have one. So hang in there. Hope you feel better really soon and the MTX helps your flares to settle down. Go Well and take care Rose
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