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Date: 14.07.2010
From: Cell

Subject: Do you need my help ???

To everybody who need my help in treatment of arthritis! You're welcome to email me at the address:
Please feel free to contact me, my help is free!
I have some experience in such treatment and I'm ready to share it.
Moderator - I have removed this email address - Cell, if you have something to share please do so via the forum, sorry but your request for people to contact you directly sounds like you have some hidden agenda. Sorry if this sounds harsh but we have no way of telling whether your offer of help is genuine. - Moderator)
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Date: 17.07.2010
From: Jill Grrrr

Subject: Re: Do you need my help ???

if its that brilliant...share it ON here please??? if its tru, then let us sufferes know what U far as Im concerend, there is NO id be intertested in what U have that is so special taht we have to contact U!!!.... we get this all the time in here......ppl that have 'miracle cures' get u have something impoirtant to tell us, this is a FOrum for that, so jsut tell us.....Y the heck wld I go chasing U???>
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Date: 19.07.2010
From: sandra lowe

Subject: Re: Do you need my help ???

im with you jill!!! take deep breaths and count to ten, ha ha how dare you cell come on here and try and get a 13yr old to email you and say you will offer help!! have got arthritis? if so share your help and support on here. now im angry and taking deep breath and counting to ten...... havnt worked!!!!!!1
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