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Date: 05.07.2010
From: Nicky

Subject: Hi everyone..childhood meningitis link to rheumatoid arthritis?

Hi everyone, I have not been on for a while as ive been very low dealing with DLA tribunal and waiting to attend ESA tribunal tomorrow morning. My oldest daughter (21) has been referred for tests for rheumatoid arthritis just like I did a year ago. Its a big blow for my daughter,me and the family.
I have just spoke to my mum about things again today and ahe said she wondered if their could be a link between childhood meningitis and rheumatoid arthritis later in life. I had viral meningitis and mumps at 2 years, and my daughter had it at 5 months old. My father also had it as a child too. I was wondering if anyone else out there has similar experiences/thoughts as we do..
I finally won my DLA appeal, now hoping to win tomorrow..worried though lol.

Wishing everyone a pain free day(if thats possible!) and lots of (((hugs)))

Nicky x
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Date: 06.07.2010
From: louloubelle

Subject: Re: Hi everyone..childhood meningitis link to rheumatoid arthritis?

Hi Nicky, congratulations on your DLA appeal and I hope the ESA tribunal goes well!

My rheumy is ace and always tries explaining things to me in a way that I can understand - he draws me pictures and all sorts lol.

As I understand it, you can have a genetic predisposition to RA and PA (which is what I have), which means you have a chance of becoming arthritic if an environmental factor, such as infection, triggers it.

These types of arthritis are auto-immune diseases which means the body's own immune system attacks the affected area. This is because, if you are predisposed and then get an infection it effectively short circuits the immune system and it goes a bit wrong!

So you can inherit the genes that could mean you get arthritis but unless your immune system gets a big old challenge when you are younger, you may not develop the condition.

My rheumatologist believes it was a series of ear infections that may have triggered my PA.

I hope I've explained that clearly enough

All the best
Lou x
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Date: 12.07.2010
From: Abbie

Subject: Re: Hi everyone..childhood meningitis link to rheumatoid arthritis?

Also once you have one autoimmune disease you are likely to get a second. Mine (PA) could be from either though. In 2007 I nearly lost my life. I had a severe case of an autoimmune disease called Neurosarcoidosis but while it was in full swing I also contracted menengitis. Neurosarcoidosis isn't curable you just go into remission. I luckily have been in remission since december 2008. Was diagnosed with PA August 2009.
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