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Date: 28.06.2010
From: tilly

Subject: finding good rheumatologist

Hello Can anyone tell me the name of a good rheumatologist please? I cannot get an answer to the type of arthritis I have , so no appropriate treatment either. I live in Wales but will trave if need.
Best wishes to you all
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Date: 29.06.2010
From: S

Subject: Re: finding good rheumatologist

Subject: Re: finding good rheumatologist

Hi Tilly, it can be very difficult to diagnose what type of arthritis you have. You may not get an answer from a private consultation either. With me it was 'wait and see' which is very frustrating but I don't think any other rheumatologist would have done anything differently. If things are clear cut with blood tests and symptoms then it is much easier to diagnose. How long have you had them? Some people can respond well to anti inflammatories but if they are not controlling your symptoms go back and ask to be reviewed. They will put you on Dmards if you have the inflammatory type. With me they were waiting to see if the arthritis died out - sadly it didn't but it would have been better for all if it had :)

You could ask your gp who they think is the best in your area and get another referral (though I've seen on another site that you posted on that you've already seen two - which makes me think your case isn't clear cut!) I wouldn't travel to see someone as it would present real difficulties if you were in pain or need tests etc. Also, don't forget that private consultants inevitably are NHS practitioners too so you don't necessarily get someone better!!
Good luck

Keep us posted.
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Date: 01.07.2010
From: maz.aust

Subject: Re: finding good rheumatologist

What type of arthritis do they say you have??
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