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Date: 26.06.2010
From: Sara

Subject: Recently diagnosed with arthritis in back

Saw my GP a couple of days ago for the results of an xray on my lumbosacral spine. He told me that I had got arthritis in the bottom 2 vertebrae of my spine. On looking on the internet I've realised that arthritis is just the word that's used to describe the broad spectrum of problems. So I'm wondering now which form of arthritis I've got.... has anyone else been in the same position or any ideas?
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Date: 26.06.2010
From: KayJay

Subject: Re: Recently diagnosed with arthritis in back

When I went to a Chiropractor years ago he told me I had Osteoarthritis of the spine. Just diagnosed with Rheumaoid Arthritis in March this year. If you aren't happy with the GP's diagnosis Sara ask him to refer you to a Rheumatologist.
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