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Date: 19.06.2010
From: Jen

Subject: New here

Hello all, i'm a newcomer to your forum, hope you dont mind me joining in and asking a few questions.
About my condition.. have osteo for last 15yrs and am 60yrs now, so far have had a wrist fusion and knee replacements. Have osteo in my spine, hips,shoulders wrists,fingers, ankles, you name it, its there lol.
I have a question for you, hoping someone can answer. Never before have i had a limp,but since having my second knee replacement i have ended up with a shorter leg and have had to have a built up shoe. My consultant denies that the Knee replace, was not the cause and was an underlying problem, how come i didnt limp before. Has any one else encountered this problem
Hope you can help
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Date: 20.06.2010
From: Abbie

Subject: Re: New here

Hi Jen! Unfortunately i'm unable to help you as haven't had such surgery but would like to welcome you! I'm Abbie, i'm 33, have had PA for about 5yrs but Only diagnosed last August, I have it in my feet, ankles, wristst, hands, fingers, lower spine and more recently my right hip. It also affects the tendons from my heels to the back of my knees. I'm single with no children. Anyway enough about me, welcome to the forum and I hope you find it helpful. Take care X
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Date: 21.06.2010
From: Jen

Subject: Re: New here

Thanks Abbie, hopefully some one else will see this and be able to answer
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