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Date: 16.06.2010
From: sarah

Subject: Adalimumab (anti TNF)

hi all, im due to start on Adalimumad on couple of weeks, has anyone else had any experience of this and if so will it actually work !!!! i was also put on an IV drip of methylprednisolone last week to give me a boost, so far no change thou, my nurse said it should last 2/3 months, will it kick in eventually or am i just kidding myself ?? any answers greatly appreciated xx
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Date: 16.06.2010
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: Adalimumab (anti TNF)

Hi Sarah Adalimumad (Humira) as far as i know is an anti TNF drug, And from what i have heard is quite good for some people. I have not had it, but i know some of the guys on here have, and im sure someone will let you know soon. I think the methylprednisolone is a steroid for the swelling and the pain, and should kick in soon just give it a day or so. tc x
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