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Date: 15.06.2010
From: Teresa

Subject: Knee pain

Can someone please explain to me what arthritis in your knee feels like?? Sounds stupid I know, but for the last few days my right knee has been painful. My knees, shoulders and neck were just about the only joints that have not been affected by PA. Im sure that somehow over the the few days I must of hurt it but I cant think what. The pain is on the inside of my knee and sort of below the knee cap.
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Date: 16.06.2010
From: louloubelle

Subject: Re: Knee pain

Hi Teresa

I have had PA in both knees for 21 years (since I was 9 years old). The pain really does vary so much. The pain can be either a dull ache over the whole knee or in specific areas or can be sharper pain. It's usually more achey than anything else but at the moment I'm finding with my right knee that I'm getting pain on the inside of the knee (just to the left of the kneecap as you look at my knee) and feels as though it's been hit really hard! I'm also finding that if I make a very very slight twist motion it feels as though I've really badly twisted it for about 5 minutes afterwards.

I think with the knees the most obvious sign of PA is swelling and a hot joint and there's no mistaking the swelling as it's surprising how gigantic a knee can get!

I hope that helps.

Take care
Lou x
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Date: 16.06.2010
From: sarah

Subject: Re: Knee pain

hi teresa, ive got RA in most of my joints, my knees feel very stiff, hot, heavy,feels like a burning sensation inside them, i could go on and on.
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