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Date: 10.06.2010
From: Sue Mitchell

Subject: OA

Hi To Everyone

My name is Sue I am aged 39 and I've OA in both my knees at the back of kneecaps which is very painful.

Also I am going to the Hospital today for x-ray as it could be starting in my Neck and Shoulders.

Hope to here from you all very soon to share your stories with me.

loads of love Sue Mitchell
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Date: 10.06.2010
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: OA

Hi Sue and welcome to this forum, you wont find a nicer crowd than the guys on this site, Whatever type of arther you have there will always be someone who can help or advise you, different things work for different people. I have Psoriatic, OA and Ostioporosis (soz cant spell that). I am taking methotrexate, codein phosphate and parasetamol. Take carex
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Date: 10.06.2010
From: KayJay

Subject: Re: OA

Hi Sue and welcome. I started with OA then Fibromyalgia and just been diagnosed with RA in March. Started meds but no real benefit felt yet !! Good luck with your Xrays.
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