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Date: 08.06.2010
From: sandra lowe

Subject: havnt been great

hi all, well finally went to doctor to start getting somewhere with my back, ive been in agony my neighbour saw me s truggling and suggested it could be fibromyaglia as i have other problems like anxietie attacks, cant loose weight,fatigue among other problems so told him i was fobbed off by rhuemy so going for exray next week so at last the ball is rolling ( and im not letting this go i want an answer to the pain)
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Date: 08.06.2010
From: Abbie

Subject: Re: havnt been great

So glad you're getting somewhere. It really does make you feel better when you feel like you're being taken seriously eh? X
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Date: 09.06.2010
From: maz.aust

Subject: Re: havnt been great

Sorry to hear you are in pain but really glad you have had enough & want some answers! I am of the firm belief that we are our own best advocate.

Let us know how you go,
Maz Aust
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