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Date: 04.06.2010
From: jenni

Subject: New here, Advice needed :)

Hi guys, might be a bit of a log post but just needed some advice.
When I was younger ive had several operations on my left leg for for hip problems knee problems etc. I was told that eventually I might need a new hip.
At christmas time my hip just clicked good style and since then I cannot walk without a walking stick, I can feel it thudding and clicking all the time.
Went to A&E and he didnt even xray me just said I had a torn ligament, well 5 months later im still the same.
My question is I went to the GP with this problem and he said he would do blood tests, I got the results of my blood tests and I have high RF, so he has refered me to a rheumatologist at the hospital.
I also have a crunchy right knee and when ive been walking for more than 10 minutes my ankles swell up like balloons and really ache my knees also feel the same and on odd days my fingers feel swolen but I cannot notice it they just feel tight.
Could this mean the I have rheumatois arthritis as im really worried about this as im only 33.
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Date: 04.06.2010
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: New here, Advice needed :)

Hi jenny sorry but i wouldnt want to guess, I really think you should wait till you see the rheumy, and see what he says. In the meantime has your GP given you any medication for the pain and inflamation, if not I would advise you get in touch with him asap, and get some. Sorry i cant be of any real help take care and let us know how you get on.
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