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Date: 03.06.2010
From: Verity

Subject: Pregabalin

Hi everyone! Long time no see! Since having my hips done Ive been taking Pregabalin. Has anyone else been put on this?? I know its for nerve pain and epilepsy. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Some docs have been surprised ive been put on it but others think its normal. Apparently it costs about 65 quid for 2 tablets. I was wondering why I couldnt take them normally lol
I was prescribed by my doc 75mg twice daily but just realised after taking it for a a few days that in the packet are 150mg tablets. So Ive been taking double the amount! I mean, it works! God it works! But I end up feeling like Im drunk. Totally wrecked haha. Gonna speak to the chemist tomorrow coz its their fault. Plus it could have been some sort of nasty drug.

Ayways its 2 in the morn so I gotta get to bed!
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Date: 03.06.2010
From: Sally

Subject: Re: Pregabalin

Hi Verity, never heard of it but glad it works. My chemist made two mistakes in three weeks giving me steroids and amitriptyline 2 1/2 times what I had been prescribed. The first time I let it go and just had a chat with them, the second time I reported them to the body that oversees pharmacies and they have to now do more checks. I don't go to that chemist any longer lol!
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