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Date: 13.09.2007
From: shirl

Subject: arthritis in arm?

Hello, I have been aching in my arm> upper area then shoulder and now shoulder to elbow to hand. I can`t see no swelling.In the beginning it hurt at night ( like a tooth ache) and woke me up (now 5 months). Now it hurts during the day or when I turn my arm a certain way. Then it hurts very bad for a few seconds,then gradually goes back to normal or a minor tooth ache feeling..My grandmother had arthritis and I am wondering if this sounds like arthritis?
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Date: 17.09.2007
From: Kittycats121212

Subject: Re: arthritis in arm?

Is this site a waste of time?
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Date: 09.10.2007
From: Louise Kipp

Subject: Re: arthritis in arm?

I have the same symptoms. Had a series of cervical spine x-rays with findings of cervical disc disease which is basically osteoarthritis. I have the pain in both shoulders and arms. Check the internet for cervical disc disease and it will give you a lot of information.
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Date: 28.10.2007
From: Chloe

Subject: Re: arthritis in arm?

A painful arm could be caused by any number of things.

Did you experience trauma to the area (or neck) prior to the onset of the pain? If so, it could be an unhealed injury.

If it is a condition of some sort, it could be arthritic (but there are over 200 types of arthritis), or sciatica (referred pain from spine), or any number of things.

It sounds like the pain is bothering you a lot, so I don't think it would be unreasonable for you to see a doctor.
The main things to consider when seeing a doctor about pain are these -
Does it prevent you doing your normal things?
Does it interfere with your sleep?
Has it been there long enough to be fairly sure it isn't going away?

Since it IS disturbing your sleep, and you've had it a while, you should see your GP.
Self-diagnosis isn't usually a good idea, as it can worry you unnecessarily, you're unable to get treatment, and when you do decide to see a doctor you may find yourself unable to accept the diagnosis he gives you, or fail to mention some symptom because it doesn't match your self-diagnosis.

So, see a doctor, and don't worry.
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Date: 15.11.2007
From: tortoise

Subject: Re: arthritis in arm?

Could be a frozen shoulder or rotator cuff inflammation. you need to see a doctor and get some physiotherapy if so.
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Date: 26.07.2008
From: Trish

Subject: Re: arthritis in arm?

Hi, in Oct last year (2007) I was involved in a road accident, suffering whiplash and frozen shoulder. I have been seen by a specialist which was a waste of time, as he has decided due to my condition I should see a Fibromyaliga specialist (I also have RA). So nine months on and I am no farther forward than I was on the fist day of the accident.
Now nine months on they want me to see a Fibromyaliga specialist, I seem to be fighting both my own Solicitor (appointment by Insurance firm) and the other party.
My own specialist seems to think that I may have to have a manipulation of some type.
What I am saying is that I have experienced trauma to my neck and shoulder and like you this is affecting both my shoulder and top arm to elbow pain. Simple things like drawing curtains, holding onto the safety bars on a moving bus etc. The pain I suppose is like toothache and comes and goes at will, it is a short sharp pain followed by a dull ache. My own GP has been marvelous with support and medication. As I say its nine months on and still in some pain, as well as suffering with the RA and Fibromyalgia. So if someone has a wonder drug or method of releasing the pain, I am here.
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