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Date: 03.09.2007
From: toni lawton

Subject: TENS machine

Would appreciate any comments re the TENS machine idea of pain control. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 10 or more years.
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Date: 10.09.2007
From: Kelly

Subject: Re: TENS machine

I have been using a TENS machine for the past year (I have Osteoarthritis) and wouldn't be without mine now!
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Date: 28.01.2009
From: TerryDermo

Subject: Re: TENS machine

Hi toni,
I have been using A TENS for OA in both knees and found the results very good. The machine is most useful whan the pain increases in between doses of meds. and you can quckly zap it.
Good luck with the machine.
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Date: 22.02.2009
From: suszannah

Subject: Re: TENS machine

hi there, not to put a damper on it,but it does nothing for my hip arthritis :(
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