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Date: 10.03.2010
From: shaz

Subject: hi jill

hi jill sorry not been in touch for a while as i told u phone on blink then laptop went down so having to pinch oh comp when i can laptop should be ok tomorrow fingers crossed,noticed on fb you still not good and a quick scan through posts on here,i aqm doing ok at minute injectable mtx is finally suiting me now they got it sorted,still having big problem with legs got to go for kidney scan in 2 wks time they think i got a problem with my kidneys now,got busy wk coming as son getting married so looking forward to that,hope to catch up with you soon,take care hun thinking about you lol
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Date: 11.03.2010
From: jill

Subject: Re: hi jill

Shazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz have a lovely time at ya sons wedddding, how lovely, concentrate on that ok, will get u thru that busy day. sorrry to hear about ya Kidneys, im sure U will be Ok....\Stay Positive on that one, try Not worry...take lots pics, catch up wityh u on Fb xxx
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