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Date: 10.03.2010
From: Enthrisac

Subject: Celadrin

Have people come across this:-
I started taking CELADRIN 12 months ago initially not much difference. I then `upped` the dose to 1500mg a day and found pain relief which was great. After about 8 months I realised I had developed a couple of pain areas, my shoulder and knee which were previously not a problem. I thought to myself I bet it would be ten times worse without the CELADRIN. I then had 3 weeks away and had forgotten the CELADRIN, lo and behold the shoulder and knee pain disappeared. I was baffled by this but decided to stop it completely and now after 3 months I am just as good as when I was on the CELADRIN but without the 2 new pain areas. CONCLUSION is that CELADRIN is a complete waste of money and time despite the science and I DID give it a good chance.
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Date: 10.03.2010
From: Jill

Subject: Re: Celadrin

Hi Enthrisac, welome, thanks for that advice, there was a debate on that med a while back...bout 8 months ago i think, I dont take it, but others here will be interested in that info....have u seen your rhummy lately?
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