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Date: 04.03.2010
From: jae

Subject: You have to laugh or else x

well i have to say i`m having a good day so this topic is for those of us with any amount of humour left this is a do`s and dont`s for people with RA in most joints my three NO`s for today are 1-the only attention you will get by knocking hard on somone`s door is the passers by in the street as you hold your hand like a tom and jerry cartoon because your knuckles are the size of marbles

2 - Thinking your being clever because you have found a way to take off nappies with the help of your teeth until your 10 month old son catches on and pees in your eye

3 - Thinking you can go to a baby music class until they ask you walk on your knees and elbows clapping

has enyone else got any dont`s do not`s or just plain NO`s so i my avoide them in the future lol all Jae
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Date: 06.03.2010
From: Sally

Subject: Re: You have to laugh or else x

hi Jae, my big no is thinking I can walk round an art gallery for an hour, then walk to the tube and then walk home again, picking shopping on the way. A big no.
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Date: 07.03.2010
From: jill

Subject: Re: You have to laugh or else x

LOl Jae that post made me larf, especially the using ya teeth taking offf ya babies nappie...seriously tho, I cant go out much these days, my youngest is 11 and thankgod hes not a baby at the mo, cos I for sure wldnt go Toddlers groups, I use to hate them when i was fit and well.... anyway, keeep up with that sense of humour, its my strenght and gets me thru tc Jill
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Date: 08.03.2010
From: Verity

Subject: Re: You have to laugh or else x

hahaha thats all just plain unlucky!
I can totally understand number 1 though!
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