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Date: 27.02.2010
From: Helen Macleod

Subject: juvenile arthritis

My daughter has Juvenile Arthritis she is now 23. She is taking Leflunimide, she is hoping to start a family in the next 2 1/2 years but she has to be off the drug for two years. She stopped taking trhe drug in August as has had a really bad flare up and is now taking the drug again. Are there any young women who have been in my daughter's position and can offer any advice
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Date: 27.02.2010
From: Verity

Subject: Re: juvenile arthritis

Hi Helen,
Im 24 and have had juvenile arthritis since I was 6. They called it CJA. Its now rheumatoid arthritis. I want to have kids before Im 30 and am on Methatrexate so will have to come off the drugs. I have no useful info for ya but am very interested in anything you findas im not entirely sure how its all gonna work for me. How is your daughter coping with the disease and how badly is she affected??

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Date: 04.03.2010
From: Kirsty

Subject: Re: juvenile arthritis

Hey Im 24 and have rheumatoid arhtritis - hoping to have children in the not to distant future too. I understand from my consultant that drugs like methotrexate and humira/infliximab you have to come off for 6 months before trying for children. I wonder if going on one of these drugs would be helpful to help settle your daughter and then she would only have to have 6 months on nothing instead of 2 yrs - it may be worth some research/and asking i dont know wether they are effective or availiable for JA but i hope so. Good luck to your daughter

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