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Date: 16.02.2010
From: mary

Subject: My Ankle

For a few years now i have had problems with my right ankle. it is very sore to walk on, i have had steriod injections in to it as well as a normal steroid injection for the whole of the body as well as taking steroid tablets. I wear ankle support and sandals. Taking the steroid tablets make my ankle more manageable to walk on but i can't live on them because they put weight on me. i have seen a podiatrist. I don't know how i can manage the pain and swelling. i take painkillers but nothing seems to improve it, anyone suffering the same with their ankles, any help would be appreciated. Thank You
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Date: 16.02.2010
From: KauJay

Subject: Re: My Ankle

Mary have they done any specific tests for Arthritis ? I have to wear an Orthotic boot because my left ankle is more or less shot. The Ortho;s seem reluctant to fuse it because of other Arthritis problems with hip / back etc.
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Date: 23.02.2010
From: Verity

Subject: Re: My Ankle

Hi Mary, is your ankle sore all the time or after a certain amount of time on your feet? My ankles get way too sore to walk on or even touch but thats after Ive been walking about for 10 mins max. Just normally they tend to be ok, its just putting weight on them that screws them up.
Take care

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Date: 28.02.2010
From: shelzy1

Subject: Re: My Ankle


I have RA in my ankles and had this for nearly a year but was originally treated for something else. I could walk on my ankles but they were really swollen, hot sore to touch, couldn;t really run on them and getting down steps was really painful Now I am on the methotrexate these symptoms have more or less gone now but still get occasional pain - feel free to ask any questionsx
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