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Date: 01.02.2010
From: shaz

Subject: message for jillypops

hiya babes great to have you back,glad you feeling bit better hope you keep improving was going to txt you yesterday but had a few family problems to sort out so never got round too it. I still messing around with mtx trying to find a dose that i can cope with as you know i am know on injectable and everything was going gr8t started me off on 20mg and i was ok just felt abit iffy but nothing i couldnt cope with but the drop in mtx seem to trigger a flare up and i was aching everywhere again plus legs started to give me problems again,so after 2 wks they upped it too 22.5mg thats when the headaches and feeling sick really started to kickin again then last thursday they pushed it back up to 25mg well that was it i started throwing up within 20mins of injection,plus as the day went on the headache was unbelievable feelt like my eyes where going to pop i never experienced anything like it and dont want to again i rung hosp friday morning after having spent a really crappy day and night to tell them how i been and they have decided to drop me back to 22.5mg so now just waiting to see what they have to say when i go on thursday but getting really fed up now as last 2 blood results are not good either everything has gone upmy esr is now at 50 and i feel like crap.anyways babes hopefully will catch u on fb soon and you take care of yourself dont get over doing it lol
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Date: 01.02.2010
From: JILL

Subject: Re: message for jillypops

(((((((hugs for u shazzzaaaaaaa))))))) xxxxxxx take care ok, rest properly, eat well, all sounds so complicated...pooor chickypooos....lots love ok xxx
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