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Date: 28.01.2010
From: Chris Collins

Subject: Rhuematoid Arthritis Documentary

Hi All,

My name is Chris Collins and I have been suffering with Ankylosing Spondylitis now for approx 4 years. I am a photographer based in the West Midlands and Gloucestershire area and I am currently trying to create a photographic documentary on what its like to live with rhuematoid arthritis. One thing I realised upon my own diagnosis is despite the fact that we all know someone that suffers with it we rarely now what it can be like to live with, which can often lead to lots of late nights filled with thoughts of dread. I'm looking to put together a story that shows the struggles we can have living with arthritis but at the same time show how life doesnt stop upon diagnosis.

If anyone would be interested in finding out more please post on here and we can talk more in depth about the project.

Thank you for your time and congratulations and creating an incredibly supportive online community.

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Date: 29.01.2010
From: kirsty

Subject: Re: Rhuematoid Arthritis Documentary

Hi Chris - this is a great idea. I am 24 and have had RA for past 3 yrs I am at uni studying to be a vet which is obviously a physically demanding job I am going through a bad patch at the mo and am struggling with the demands of the course but i get by on a day to day basis - I am really interested especially being a younger person and the whole stigma about arhtritis being an old persons disease this would really make people more aware. The only thing is im a bit worried about the time this could take as i dont have much but still willing to disucss. my email is if you want to give me more details that way it would be great.
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