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Date: 26.01.2010
From: Victoria

Subject: Can Osteoarthritis cause pain in the tibia?

Hi everyone.

I have been having pain in my left tibia, a couple of inches below the knee for several months.

It started gradually, feeling sensitive and sore like a bruise, became increasingly painful coming down the stairs, and then got worse and worse to the point where using the stairs is agonizing, not in the knee but below the knee. And it hurts frequently at rest, and is bad at night.

Went to the hospital and they did an xray of knee, not leg, and said it was Ostearthritis, I am 26 so was surprised.

But they couldn't really explain why my leg not my knee is hurting.

My left leg is a bit swollen, an inch or so bigger than my right and the pain is getting worse!

Can osteoarthris cause this? All help will be appreciated.

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Date: 26.01.2010
From: Angela

Subject: Re: Can Osteoarthritis cause pain in the tibia?

Hiya Victoria,
I have RA which is totally different from osteoarthritis.
I thought osteo affected the joints and not the bones but I could be wrong.
Maybe if your knee has osteo in the joint it could be having a knock on effect with your muscles around the tibia and making the leg feel bruised, and be slightly swollen?
I think I would go back to the g.p. and question this until I understood what was going on.
Sorry I can't be better help.
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Date: 26.01.2010
From: Monica

Subject: Re: Can Osteoarthritis cause pain in the tibia?

Hi Victoria

I have OA in my back that causes problems with my legs, but my husband, has OA in his knees, one he had replaced, my husband is older than you, but he felt the pain all down his legs, as well as above the kneecap. Because the OA affects the knee, the muscles around the knee it is having a knock on effect. I think it is the same with OA any where in the body, you will always have knock on affects to other parts of your body, i am sorry to say. I know not alot of help, but lets hope your gp or rheumy can get something done. Good luck
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Date: 27.01.2010
From: Victoria

Subject: Re: Can Osteoarthritis cause pain in the tibia?

"Sigh" thanks for all your help, I guess I was hoping it was something that could be...cured lol. I guess they call that denial :)
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