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Date: 26.01.2010
From: Rob Jones

Subject: RA and sport

Is there anybody on here that has RA but also takes part in sport? I've had RA for 14 years (I'm 28) and I am a rugby league referee. Obviously my RA is pretty well controlled (when I'm well disciplined with diet etc.) but I was wondering if anyone else on here does anything similar and has any tips to share?
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Date: 27.01.2010
From: Lucy

Subject: Re: RA and sport

I bloody wish Rob hun ha ha x
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Date: 29.01.2010
From: Kirsty

Subject: Re: RA and sport

Hi Rob Im 24 and got RA at 21 although i have had bad periods wen I havent been able to play I have continued to play rugby (union) as much as possible as i have been passionate about it since i was 18 and refused to let RA take it away. I find when i dont play and get some frsh air i get more down inthe dumps about everything and dont sleep as well. Recently wen i havent been upto playing i have been making myself go swimming i really find myself being more positive when i have acheived something and it does help me sleep through the pain as i am physically tired. On days i play sport i try to take my painkillers really regularly and take energy tablets ot help give me energy before hand but have found although sometimes i really dont feel up to it and it is very painful to walk i feel such a sense of achievement after it and often feel the adrenaline etc means i dont feel the pain wen playing hope this is useful.
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