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Date: 22.03.2007
From: ayesha

Subject: Private rheumatologist

Has anyone been seen by a private rheumatologist, what is the difference to the NHS?
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Date: 15.04.2007
From: David Robson

Subject: Re: Private rheumatologist

None whatsoever, bar the cost.

The best rheumatologist I saw was in Scotland when I lived there - NHS and brilliant.

I reall wouldn't waste your time or money.
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Date: 26.04.2007
From: Van

Subject: Re: Private rheumatologist

Hi Ayesha
I went to see a private rheumatolgist because i felt my doctor was ignoring me. Today was my third visit and she asked me if I wanted to transfer to NHS as she has just confirmed that I have Rheumatoid Arthritas. Her comment was that treatment is better on the NHS, the only advantage to going private is you get seen quicker for your diagnosis
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Date: 08.08.2007
From: Elaine

Subject: Re: Private rheumatologist

Hi Ayesha
I see my Rheumatologist privately because I have private medical insurance and I find my consultations are more relaxed. I feel I get quality time with him, not being rushed. I can usually get an appointment within 2 weeks and my GP usually gives me the referral letter to take with me. I had a blood test & bone x-ray done at the time of my consultation and only waited 2 weeks for an MRI Scan.
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