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Date: 06.10.2009
From: Nutmagnet xx

Subject: guys try write some postings

LOL try do some postings, im sick of seeing my name up all the time..... wish I cld delete em lol...... mite use a difff name, so dont look so bad, or sad even..... mite use Nutmagnet from time to time, to vary the look of the Postings lol

Love Jill
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Date: 06.10.2009
From: val h :-)

Subject: Re: guys try write some postings

sort of suits u girl me to got so fed up with seeing my name while u were away but no one else was replying and every one needs to know some one out there so keep your name and keep coming on we need u girl. leaving work early ordered taxi so all in hand ready to go for app. mind u not remembered to do sample yet lol
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