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Date: 05.10.2009
From: Tim Elfering

Subject: Research R.A. medication packaging

Dear forum members,

We are a design team of five master students Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Currently we are performing a research on the subject of rheumatoid arthritis and the packaging of R.A. medication. This research will be the starting point for the development of a new type of medical packaging, which will be safer and more comfortable to use for R.A. patients. This contrast between user-friendliness and safety will play a prominent role in the research. The final design can, after approval, be used to improve the accessibility and user experience of medication for people with R.A.
We would like to ask you, the users of the medication, if you are willing to assist us during our research. We are very interested in getting to know how you cope with R.A. in your daily life and what your personal experiences are with (child resistant) medication packaging. All the information you may provide us with, will be treated anonymously and strictly confidential.
If you are interested and prepared to contribute to the improvement of R.A. medication packaging, you can contact us via the following email address:

Thank you in advance,

Tim Elfering
Melanie Iorio
Esin Isik
Nuray Nuri
Stacey Ros
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Date: 05.10.2009
From: jILL

Subject: Re: Research R.A. medication packaging

they should Offer us a special Fridge(all paid and elcetricity free of course) for the Products, and like u said, make then Child friendly, How, up to u to come to that decision, im just a Mum with Inflamatory artharitis, due a spine op soom opn all the meds of an R.A. person....BTW Y r so many ppl interested in ppl with JUST R.A>????? what about all the other types.... im on the smae meds as a person with R.A. im on Methtrexate, Enbrel Injections..... Ever heard of REITERS disease??? that also what I coems everyone is soooooooo interested in R.A.? what about Osteo artharitis? we r alll In the same boat! we ALL need the same care....., often we ALL need the same type meds to COPE with this Insidious disease........ I am trying to help you guys, but OPEN up your eyes, to other Arthritisis!!! we all struggle, most cant work.... thinking about the packages on my meds is the last thing on my mind!!! I respect U need to study etc.......but Y do I feel so excluded in your studies?????? please reply, becos none of You ever do!!

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Date: 06.10.2009
From: Tim Elfering

Subject: Re: Research R.A. medication packaging

Dear Jill,

Thank you for your response. You are right to wonder why we focus on R.A. and not on other types of arthritis and other diseases which inflict pain and decrease mobility and dexterity. Our answer is that the packaging solution we have to develop is specifically aimed at a new type of R.A. medication. The properties and needs of people with R.A. are therefore our main focus, since they will be the primary users of the product we have to develope.
However this does not mean that we are excluding people with related diseases. Since the needs and demands of these groups tend to overlap, it is likely that ostheoarthritis patients will also benefit from the creation of this new packaging solution, which may be implemented in other medication packages as well. We hope that this sufficiently answered your question.

Kind regards
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Date: 06.10.2009
From: j

Subject: Re: Research R.A. medication packaging

Tim Hi

Thank you for your kind I understand....goood luck in your work

regards Jill
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