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Date: 06.08.2009
From: Flame

Subject: Long Term Reactive Arthritis, anyone else?


Im HLA B27 Negitive but it seems Ive had a rare form of reactive arthritis for thee years. I would love to hear from anyone else with similar stories and bounce around some ideas for cures/pain relief. They have run out of NSAIDS thy can try me on. Im tying a natuopathic diet and treatments at the moment, Ive been in Malaga for a week, the direct sunlight was awesome, am scared to return to the UK!
Im 33 and its been a pretty difficult one, my career as an acrobat has gone down the toilet, and my husband is going mad with the amount of time he spends looking after me.

My problem has just been in both knees... they have taken to and a half years to diagnose it, they thought it was maltracking.

I would love to hear from anyone similar.

Best Wishes
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Date: 07.08.2009
From: val h

Subject: Re: Long Term Reactive Arthritis, anyone else?

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Date: 07.08.2009
From: Jill

Subject: Re: Long Term Reactive Arthritis, anyone else?

HI flame

Im HLA B27 POS... I have Reiters disease(reactive arthritis)...dont often hear others that have the same defective Gene as me.... its made me predisposed to Reiters... triggered thru food poisoning....diagnosed officially in 2002, but had arthritis probs since in my 20s.... came all to a head in 20002, hospitalised, then found out had HLA B27Pos... not goood..... been thru Hell....I dont have lot of time to explain all to u at mo... going on hols, and shldnt be on here, but had to tell my gals the news of spine surgeon....but I can talk to u when I get bk ok...going away just for a week....i have probs with all my joints btw, and all tendons and ligamnets, soft tissues, eyes etc...I get Iritis too(eye prob).... im doing ok.... but seems U can get better help than U r geting....I am also now on the DMARDS...disease modyfying on Methtrexate and Enbrel Injections.... if u get bad, u can im sure speak to your Rhummy about going on these Meds....they r the last resort for me, along with corrective surgery, which I have now had 7 ops due to this insidious diseae... plus need another spine op.....we r all different.... But U need to get on perhaps the best Meds for this...If I had done so earlier, I wld not be this bad...... dont be scareed what I said, as U know , we r all different, no one takes the disaeas the same.... so sttay positive knees r affected also...I have a lot of Synovial Inflamation, prob as U do.... at least U only have it in knees thank stay Pos, and ask Rhummmy about the meds I mentioned to stop further detiroration...goood luck when bk

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Date: 19.08.2009
From: Jill

Subject: Re: Long Term Reactive Arthritis, anyone else?

Hi Flame

How r ya doing?? bk now from feel freee to talk if u want to

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