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Date: 02.09.2006
From: Sarah

Subject: Young People?

Hello there. I have just found this site as I have Chronic RA and am 23. I have been struggling with my pain for the last few months and wanted to try and find some other young people who were maybe going through the same thing? What they go through day to day and how they cope with pain. I have just had an ankle fusion operation, the 2nd because the first one didn't work! This has been very frustrating for me. I just feel like I'm the only person in the world living like this.

Please help?

Sarah x
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Date: 04.09.2006
From: Peter

Subject: Re: Young People?


I have a form of seronagative arthritis in my left heel and it seems to have spread to my right one too. I am twenty one and have had the pain since I was fifteen... I only got the diagnosis 2 weeks ago! Before they thought I had achilles tendonitis. At the I'm moment looking into some alternative therapies and herbal remedies as I don't trust the side-effects of the prescribed drugs. Walking is nearly always painful and sometimes unbearable. Arthritis is pretty crap eh
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Date: 07.12.2006
From: Megan :)

Subject: Re: Young People?

Hi. im 16, and was diagnosed in 1991. I went into remission when i was 9, and the damn thing came back in the summer. I have JIA in the jaw, knees, shoulders, elbows, hands, neck and, according to my physio, have "Sticky hips".

Just to say YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!! I sometimes feel like im the only one in the world... guess not though!! :D :D :D :D :D

Megan xxxx
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Date: 13.01.2007
From: Alex

Subject: Re: Young People?

Surely not the only young person that got it. It s almost ten years now for myself and I am 25...
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Date: 03.05.2007
From: EnchantMex

Subject: Re: Young People?

Hey i'm 16 and have osteoarthritis in my left ankle. they were thinking of fusing mine but now they want to do total replacement and im having an arthroscopy in the next eight weeks. i kinda know what you mean.
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Date: 08.05.2007
From: laurie

Subject: Re: Young People?

Hi,i'm 27 and have had RA for 12 years, it's got really bad over the last few years and it can really get me down sometimes, i really know how you feel but you're not alone it is hard work getting through bad days but i try to think positive and i'm very lucky that my family and friends are a great help.
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Date: 15.08.2007
From: Fiona

Subject: Re: Young People?

Hi there

Im 22 and also have a form of what they were calling 'seronagative arthritis' It started when i was 16 in the hip and has now spread to the jaw, knee, shoulders, elbows, hands, wrist & neck. My new medications have all been RA ones so i dont know if they are now thinking its RA arthritis. I know what you mean about feeling alone. I know im not but i often feel im the 'only young person' suffering. Unfortunately not many understand or even realise that arthritis isnt just an 'old persons' complaint :(

But your def not alone. Hope your 2nd fusion operation went ok
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