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Date: 24.04.2021
From: Val Bartell

Subject: Walking aids

Does anyone else use one? I use a 4 legged trolley, not so much for the arthritis (although it does help0 but I simply lose my balance without it and fall over!!
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Date: 25.04.2021
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Walking aids

Hi Val, I read your post and it made me worry for you.
Maybe you should should chat to your GP about getting a better walking aid. There are so many out there. Walking stick for support a zimmer frame would give so much support. These are both provided by NHS.
How do you manage when you go out?

I use a walking stick. I hated it to start with now I take it everywhere.

Val I hope this helps a bit good luck with it all.
Take care.
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