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Date: 01.12.2020
From: Carol

Subject: Foot orthotics

Hi, I have bought many many types of orthotics over the years, bespoke, soft, hard, high , low, long, short, variable inserts.
Always feel as though feet, knees hips not quite right biomechanically. Can anyone make a recommendation please?
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Date: 03.12.2020
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Foot orthotics

Hi Carol, You could ask to be referred to the orthotic dept at your local hospital and they will make some for you. x
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Date: 05.12.2020
From: Carol

Subject: Re: Foot orthotics

Thanks Lucy
I've seen the hospital ones that someone else had and they were rock hard , rigid and wide. Having had many many pairs over the years, I am not keen on that type. I need something that allows for a natural foot movement and balance but thanks very much for the suggestion.
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