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Date: 01.12.2020
From: Frank McGuire

Subject: Help with mattress! Need recommendation

My wife has to have a new hip and I have problems with my shoulders - we are keen to get a new mattress as the medium firmness one that we acquired 2 years ago is now proving to be uncomfortable - there seems to be sooooo many different bits of opposing advice ; some saying firm some saying soft - has anyone been through this before - so confused and the last thing we want to do is spend 1000 and get the wrong one !!
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Date: 01.12.2020
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Help with mattress! Need recommendation

My advice would be go to a decent bed shop and try some mattresses. I bought my last one from dreams with the help of the salesman. It just depends what is comfortable for you.
I had a soft mattress that moulds around the body and found it difficult to get out of in the mornings. I now have a medium orthopedic one.
Wish you luck in finding what is best for you both. Such an Expensive item to get wrong.
Take care and stay safe.
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Date: 03.12.2020
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Help with mattress! Need recommendation

Hi Frank, I agree with Lois in that you must go to a good bed shop and try them out, it is important to get onto to the bed and see how it feels when you are stretched out. I had a hip replacement almost 6 years ago and I find a higher bed is easier to get in and out of.
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Date: 07.12.2020
From: Val Bartell

Subject: Re: Help with mattress! Need recommendation

Very difficult, the ones that feel firm seem to go soft really quick. A good bed shop and one with a guarantee. I didn't do either and now I need another!!! Also mattresses are so deep you cannot fold sheets underneath them, so firm but not too deep and guaranteed!!! hope that helps.
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