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Date: 08.11.2020
From: Dawn

Subject: Struggling.....need some help and guidance

I am 39 years old I have osteoarthritis in both my hips, my right hip needs replacing but due to COVID that canāt be done, I have other health problems and Iām feeling very lost, I donāt know how much more I can take as Iām struggling going to work and I only do part time, Iām on basic disability so I canāt stop work, the pain is constant and the stiffness I have is bad too, can anyone give me advice?
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Date: 08.11.2020
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Struggling.....need some help and guidance

Hi Dawn, is not worth trying for a higher disability rate.
We all know on here how hard life can be when in constant pain. What kind of pain relief do you have? There are so many options out there.
It is awful you have to work in pain.
Covid unfortunately has held everthing up.
Have they offered you steroid injections in your hips to help you along.
Speak to your GP tell them you need strong pain killers to get you through your tough times.
I hope this helps. Come back with any questions you might have.
Take care stay safe.
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Date: 09.11.2020
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Struggling.....need some help and guidance

Hi Dawn, I would certainly phone and explain that your condition has worsened and get a form sent out and if you could get someone to help fill it in it could be helpful.

Perhaps your doctor could prescribe something stonger until you get your hip replaced.
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Date: 10.11.2020
From: Dawn

Subject: Re: Struggling.....need some help and guidance

Thank you for the reply, I have filled in the paperwork for higher PIP and itās a waiting game,

The meds Iām on are
Pregab 75mg morning and night
60 mg codeine phosphate 4 times a day
Amitryptoline 20mg per night

I have asked for stronger pain relief but I keep getting fobbed off with my age plus I had to fight for the codeine because apparently my GP told me I should be able to manage on paracetamol!,

I canāt take any anti inflammatory meds because I have a stomach bypass as I anti inflammatory meds completely knocked my stomach,
I have had hyper mobile in my hips for a very long time only finally got somewhere July 2018 by accident when I fell,

Thank you so much for getting in touch it really means a lot x
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Date: 10.11.2020
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Struggling.....need some help and guidance

Hi Dawn, it is a difficult one you are so young and we all know medication for pain can take its toll on our bodies.
I take Gabapentin and Co-Dydramol. I take 2 gabapentin three times a day and co-dydramol when I need extra relief. I can take 3 x 3 times a day Gabapentin but so far I have been fortunate enough to manage.
I use heat pads a lot it helps a bit it is more soothing than anything. I use to get a massage now and again.

Well done you if they turn you down appeal.
I have heard that they turn done a lot of claims and most people win the appeal. Stay strong and don't let them refuse you. I think if you could be at home you would have the time to rest up when you feel unwell with pain.
We are always here if you need a chat.
We all know how tough the bad days are.

Take care x
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