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Date: 29.09.2020
From: Carol

Subject: Need guidance from newbie

Hi just joined forum. Arthritis in left knee and right hip. Ongoing pain for years, increased in last 12 months. Found myself in hospital yesterday with severe flare up unable to walk, left with morphine and crutches and told to rest. Looking for advice!!!!!!!
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Date: 29.09.2020
From: Lois

Subject: Re: Need guidance from newbie

Hi Carol,
Your advice is the right one you will benefit from rest. It is a hard one the meaning of rest is to still be moving around occasionally as not to make ourselves too stiff.
Morphin is something I can't take it makes me sick.
I am on long term Gabapentin and Co dydramol.

Your crutches should help a lot as it will keep the weight off of your hip which will help the knee.

Can you have a chat with your GP about future pain relief. Maybe getting a scan or appointment with a Consultant.
I know at this present time it is hard to get things sorted.

Take care keep your chin up
Remember we are here for a chat whenever you need a bit of support.
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