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Date: 03.07.2020
From: Natalia Huckle

Subject: GCSE Design technology research

Hi there, I'm Natalia, I'm 15 and am a design technology student. Please let me know if this seems insensitive or rude in any way but was wondering if I could have some help. I have chosen a design brief for my GCSE DT coursework due Easter next year in which I design a product to help someone with limited movement and have decided to focus on arthritis as my late grandmother struggled with it quite a lot and I am keen to see how I can help as a student.

I have been instructed to carry out some research to see what kinds of problems (both generic and specific) people with arthritis face and I would be so so grateful if you could tell me a little bit about the daily struggles you have specifically with carrying out everyday activites. I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much x
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Date: 03.07.2020
From: Lois

Subject: Re: GCSE Design technology research

Hi Natalia, no you are not being intrusive at all.
I can tell you a few things I struggle with. Opening tins. Mashing Potatoes. Liftings pans from the cooker for example to strain vegetables. All around cooking I know. Used to love to cook but now I just cook if that makes sense.
Lifting things from the oven can also be a little difficult if its a bit heavy.

I hope this helps a little and good luck with it all.
Can I just say there are lots of young people with different types of arthritis.
There are also young mums struggling.

We get through it all with family friends and forums like this.

Take care
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