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Date: 17.07.2019
From: Richard

Subject: Osteophytes in neck

Hi, I had a triple ACDF at levels C5-T1 3 years ago. Since then have suffered from continued loss of strength etc in left arm. Recently have started passing out at my desk. Had another NRI today as part of the investigations. My question is I had an NRI last year which showed pronounced osteophytes at C4/5 and moderate below that. Whatās the difference ? My general concern is that the vertebrae they have anchored the cage to isnāt as stable as they thought.
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Date: 24.07.2019
From: lucy

Subject: Re: Osteophytes in neck

Hi Richard, Sorry that no one has answered your post. I have no idea what this all means but hope someone can help. Perhaps best speak to the consultant or doctor again and ask them to explain what's going on.
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