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Date: 30.05.2019
From: Lisa

Subject: Trouble with fluid on legs

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having good days.

I wanted to ask if any of you are having trouble with fluid on the legs? It has been gradually getting worse for the past three years but it is the worst it has been at the moment. I just wondered how other people have dealt with it and how they have got rid of the fluid?

Any help would be brilliant. Lisa. xx
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Date: 30.05.2019
From: Anne

Subject: Re: Trouble with fluid on legs

Hi Lisa, Do you know what is causing the fluid? Is the fluid in your knees or throughout your legs? What is your doctor saying about it? There is medication that can help get rid of fluid but you would need to know what the cause of it is. I know sometimes it can be drained if in the knees but best ask doctor about this. xx
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