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Date: 26.05.2019
From: Lynn

Subject: New meds again

Hi I was doing great taking simponi for over 5 years hardly any pain then in Feb I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 42 so my injections were stopped and I've been told I wont be able to go back on it for 10 years so I've been given otezla been on it 4 days and I have felt sick and given my an upset stomach I'm currently doing a month of radiotherapy every day and my joints are terrible I'm miserable how long did the otezla take to kick in?
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Date: 30.05.2019
From: Anne

Subject: Re: New meds again

Hi Lynn, So sorry to hear about the breast cancer, I do hope everything works out well for you. I have no knowledge of otezia and hope someone that is one it will come on and let you know. I know rituximab took a while to work for me. Perhaps you could ask the Reumatology Dept what to expect with this drug or call one of the arthritis helplines. Keep your chin up, better days ahead xx
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