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Date: 06.05.2019
From: Jane

Subject: No help for me!

I have arthritis in my right hip, I can barely walk or get up and down stairs. I still manage to walk my dog but it is really painful. I have had countless Dr's appointments asking for pain relief but they will not give me anything apart from pregabalin which is pretty effective but only at a higher dose. I keep taking too much and then running out and have to beg the doctor for more. I do have an addictive nature so maybe they are wary. Still I am in agony. I have to see the physio person soon and should mention. I have a serious amount of weight to lose. I just feel so frustrated because I am so immobile.
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Date: 08.05.2019
From: Anne

Subject: Re: No help for me!

Hi Jane, Have you been referred to a consultant at the hospital? If not ask your doctor to refer you. They will x-ray your hip and see if there is much damage. Some people get a hip replacement with great results. Pain killers can be helpful but they are only masking the problem. Get the doctor to refer you and find out what is going on. Good luck
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