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Date: 23.12.2018
From: Sylvia

Subject: Benefits stopped. Feel as if being penalised

Hi. Iām wondering if anyone could possibly give me some advice as Iām unsure... my benefits have been stopped. I had face to face assessment. I have generalised arthiritis and my pain is quite bad. I also have it in my neck to which always gives me excruciating headaches and Iām layed up in bed, can last up to a couple of days. I have to wear a uploader brace on leg for knee support. Been told I will need a total knee replacement. On dwp results they have stopped my benefits and saying Iām fit for work. Iām in constant pain all day. Iām so worried . On assessors report he has not told truth on quite a few things I said. I really feel as if Iām being penalised for having arthiritis. Can anyone help. Yhanks
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